Matthiola Anytime White

These will make you fall in love instantly, won't they? Imagine just cutting these from your own garden. Matthiolas smell lovely, they are also called violets. We have them in 3 shades that you really just have to have all of them: pink, white and yellow!

1 packet ≈ 0,25 gram ≈ 100 seeds

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Matthiolas don't come back after cutting so keep some seeds aside so you can plant new cuttings in the same spot later. Harvest the Matthiolas when about half the flowers on the stem are open.


Annual flower seeds

All our flower seeds produce flowers that are suitable for use as cut flowers. They are also used by professional nurseries and floriculture companies. For flower seeds to be considered high-quality, they need to have outstanding germination capacity and energy and therefore yield a high percentage of flowering plants. All seeds are annuals, which means that they have a lot of growing power: they go through all the stages – from a seed to a flowering plant that, in turn, produces new seeds – in the space of just one season. Most flowers bloom for about three to five months. A rule of thumb in this is that the more flowers you pick, the faster they will grow back! All our seeds are untreated and uncoated, and are also suitable as starting material for growing organic flowers.


How many seeds per m2?

Each bag contains enough for about 1 square metre of flowers, this differs per variety. Always keep in mind the size of the mature plant. It often contains more seeds, so don't sow the whole bag at once. Divide the sowing over about 3 times. This way you extend the flowering season and if you fail, you can try again. Basically, a complete plant grows from a single seed so give the seeds enough space to grow into a mature plant!


How many hours of sunshine do annuals need?

The most ideal for annuals is full sun, or more than 6 hours of summer sun a day, preferably more than 8 hours. The less sun they get, the less speedy and abundant they will flower.


Planting instructions:

- Plant in moist soil to which the seeds stick for best germination.

- Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil of approx. 0.5 cm.

- Grow in fertile, well-drained soil.

- Give them a sunny spot and sufficient protection from strong winds. Support if necessary.

- Water regularly.


Read the detailed planting instructions for flower seeds here.




More Information
Type of product Flower seeds
Color White
Planting period April-May
Flowering period June-September
Also known as: Violets, violieren
Suitable as cut flower Yes
Attracts bees and butterflies Yes
Planting depth 0,5 cm
Plant size 75 cm
Scented yes
Contains 1 packet ≈ 0,25 gram ≈ 100 seeds
Germination time 1-2 weeks
Growing time to bloom 14-18 weeks
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