Spring flowers Top 10

Spring flowers Top 10
Spring flowers Top 10

Give your garden a "spring boost"

After the dreary winter season, you yearn for spring. The first rays of sunlight make you feel warm and recharged. Tulips and narcissus are blooming everywhere in the area. Which of course makes the spring feeling complete. Enjoy the spring feeling even more and plant narcissus and tulips in your own garden. Our tulip bulbs and narcissus bulbs come from our own nursery. Perfect to brighten up your garden and give the ideal 'spring boost'! Would you like to enjoy spring as long as possible? Then use early spring bloomers and late spring bloomers, so you have flowers all spring long. Narcissus are early spring bloomers and tulips are late spring bloomers. In addition, you have early blooming narcissus and late-blooming tulips to enjoy spring bloomers for a spring.

Ordering spring bulbs

It is very easy to order spring bulbs online with us. We deliver them by mail to your home as soon as it is time to plant the spring bulbs. Our webshop with flower bulbs contains not only tulip bulbs and narcissus bulbs, but also dahlia tubers and flower seeds.

Early spring bloomers

The flowering of narcissus is often one of the first signs of spring. Most narcissus bulbs produce several flowers that spread a wonderful scent. A real pleasure. During the months of March through April the narcissus are in bloom. Tourists from all over the world and from their own country travel to the world-famous flower fields in Lisse.

Narcissus are easy and rewarding first spring bloomers that, like perennials, come back by themselves every year. Plant narcissus bulbs from October through December. Give them a sunny spot and enjoy every spring.

Top 5 most popular narcissus

To make your search for early spring bloomers easier. Have we selected for you the 5 most popular narcissus.

Narcissus Pink Charm

1 Narcis Pink Charm

"Do you also have pink narcissus?"

Narcissus Pink Charm is a large white narcissus with a pink trumpet. This early bloomer is very rare as the color pink is scarce in the narcissus family. Perfect for brightening up your garden and giving the ideal 'spring boost'.


Narcissus Bridal Crown

2 Narcissus Bridal Crown

"Hmmm that smell, it's spring!"

This is how sweet spring smells. In terms of scent, the Narcissus Bridal Crown is by far the most delicious. Narcissus Bridal Crown is double-flowered and has a creamy white color.


Narcissus Curlew

3 Narcis Curlew

"Hey, weren't you yellow first?"

The Narcissus Curlew is extraordinary in that this small-flowered narcissus is translucent in color. The petals are creamy white, and the trumpet is light yellow when it just comes into bloom. Later, the trumpet colors through to the same creamy white color as the petals, this makes the flower very elegant. The narcissus Curlew is multi-flowered and as the name suggests has several flowers per stem. In addition, this narcissus also smells wonderful.


Narcissus Manly


4 Narcissus Manly

"The grower's favorite!"

Narcissus Manly is the chicest narcissus according to our grower Henk. The double narcissus has beautiful white / cream / orange tones. The Narcissus Manly is a late bloomer though, about the same flowering time as the tulip.


Narcissus Martinette

5 Narcissus Martinette

"Smell me!"

The Narcissus Martinette is truly an eye-catcher because of its small yellow-orange flowers. The narcissus spreads a wonderful fragrance through your garden or in a vase in your home.


Late spring bloomers 

The tulip is a late-flowering species, making it ideal for scattered blooms in your garden! A very nice dessert for your garden in late spring.


Tulip Ice Cream

1 Tulip Ice Cream

"Is it a tulip? Is it ice cream? It's both!"

Just like an ice cream! This is the result when you cross a double white tulip with a double red tulip. This gives the Tulip Ice Cream a very special look for a pink tulip.


Tulip Paul Schrerer

2 Tulip Paul Schrerer

"The one and only black tulip"

This black tulip is named Paul Schrerer and is a late bloomer. The color is actually deep dark purple, but to the eye they turn black.


Tulip Dreamtouch

3 Tulip Dreamtouch

"Double-flowered tulip"

This double-flowered beauty sometimes looks pink but can also turn to purple. Superb large flower that opens completely. This double flowered tulip called Dreamtouch is an asset to any garden.


Tulip Marit

4 Tulip Marit

"Pink Tulip in pastel shades"

Nice sweet pastel shades. The pink and yellow color always reminds me of a delicious sorbet. The pink tulip flowers of Tulip Marit can really grow very large. Really an addition to your garden.


Tulip Queensland

5 Tulip Queensland

"Is this a tulip?"

When Tulip Queensland is just starting to bloom it is dark pinkish-white and the longer it blooms it becomes lighter and lighter pink. This peony tulip has double flowers with a cheerful ruffle. A late bloomer that will not grow too long (approx. 30 cm).

Choose your favorite narcissus and tulip bulbs now. We will send the box full of floral happiness within a few days.