Coming soon: our book 'The Joy of Dahlias'!

Coming soon: our book 'The Joy of Dahlias'!
Coming soon: our book 'The Joy of Dahlias'!

With our colorful photos and the expressive texts of Katja Staring we managed to create a wonderful dahlia book. We met Katja on our dahlia fields and she is an experienced outdoor journalist and founder of Daily Greenspiration. Together we like to spread the love for flowers and nature!

fotos boek dahlias

THE DAHLIA - She's got something special. She's an eccentric diva, but also a mathematical miracle. The dahlia is a flower that catches the eye. She has thousands of faces, as many shapes, in countless colours and eccentric shapes. And she gives everything she has for months! The dahlia is back again and with the rise of the small-scale farmer florists, who grow flowers all over the world using traditional methods and who share their beauty on social media, the flower has gained the cachet it deserves.

Quietly, thousands of new species have been added in recent years. Small pompoms, colossal dinnerplates, fuzzy cacti and subdued stars. This book shows them in their full glory, highlighting all facets - from history to sustainable cultivation, from breeding to passion, illustrated with colourful, loving and sensational photos!

dahlia book The Joy of Dahlias

Release date: 25 August 2020

"The dahlia has enriched my life. By making this book I would like to share my passion and show how versatile and special dahlias are'. - Marlies Weijers

"We like nothing better than to spread the love of flowers with #spreadtheloveforflowers. - Linda van der Slot


Price: € 29,99
218mm x 270mm, 224 pages

English edition: The Joy of Dahlias ISBN: 978 90 8989 825 8
Dutch edition: Liefde voor Dahlia's, ISBN: 978 90 8989 794 7
Terra Uitgeverij

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