Planting tulip bulbs

Planting tulip bulbs
Planting tulip bulbs

Panting period: 
Plant your tulip bulbs in autumn (october-december) and before the first hard frost. It is best to plant tulip bulbs immediately after receipt. If you must store them, keep them dry and cool - between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius (50-60 F).

How to plant:
Flower bulbs are planted about 15 cm deep. Space tulip bulbs 7-20 cm apart. Best spot to plant is sun or half shadow, any location that offers good drainage. Dig either a trench for a bed planting, or individual holes for individual flower bulbs or small cluster of flower bulbs. Place (do not push) the bulbs firmly in the soil with the pointed side up.

How to plant tulips

Cover the flower bulbs with soil and water generously, if the soil is not wet yet. Add 5-7 cm of mulch (leaves, grass, straw, compost) on top of the garden bed. This will provide added protection from the cold and keeps the soil from drying out. During a dry spring, provide the bulbs with some water now and then.

A glorious spring awaits you.

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Good luck!

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